Words Of The Week – July 8th – 15th

Hello Folks. Welcome to the words of the week. Work wise I’ve been focused on the prep work for upcoming events – I’ve been putting together a presentation for a workshop called Challenging a Risk Averse Culture, where I am a guest speaker tomorrow, we have more of the Ramps On The Moon inclusive rehearsal rooms in Birmingham and Leeds next week, and I’m beginning to receive responses to the Prose In The Park art installation at Inside Out Dorset Festival.

On Wednesday afternoon I had a visit from a technological gangster called John, who made me a switch tray to play my X Box once upon a time. We’re all surprised it lasted 11 years, but as X Box are about to launch a new controller with 19 buttons, my switch tray finally needs updating, so that I can get better at adventure games and promote destruction in the virtual world. Is that the right way to spend my time? Well, it’s fun so I don’t care and disabled people have the right to kill virtual people and aliens just as much as any body else.


On Friday I went to the annual Festival of Speed, at Goodwood, which was excellent as usual. I love the smell of petrol even though I think hybrid electric cars are the future. Plus I saw a guy in a jet pack, which always makes sense to wheelchair users. No need for wheels, no need for lifts, but buildings should probably still have ramps installed because if I could use a jet pack, it still wouldn’t be very safe. Maybe I could write a comic book character that drives one, instead. That way I couldn’t go to jail for killing someone or killing myself, which would be very likely.

My brother and his fiancee came to visit for the weekend, and we had a scone making competition. We were surprised to find he could back up his claims by adding ingredients without measuring them, something he probably learnt from Mum. All 3 batches of scones were pretty good, despite everyone trying to sabotage each others attempts by not setting the timer, but I think my mum won because who doesn’t like their Mum’s cooking the best? We ate them the proper way with cream and jam. How do you like your scones?

I am ending on a poem.

Trump can trump of his bad deals for the world. Trump can Trump about his thoughts on what we are doing but we shouldn’t listen. Trump can trump of his issues with everyone other than American white non disabled men. We know how to effect real lasting change. Trump can Trump about playing golf but let’s hope it didn’t burn our taxes away. Trump can trump and disrespect our Queen but the Queen knows that he is a mockery of a real person. Trump can trump about building walls and making bad deals. He is a catastrophic deal for the world. We know at the end of the day he is a baby in the sky.

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