Summit, a play by Andy Smith

A few weeks ago I watched The Summit written by Andy Smith, and presented by Fuel, at the Shoreditch Town Hall. It had such depth to it, which summed up the international political climate perfectly, but also had nothing to do with it, and in theatre that is a magnificent skill to master.
I can’t tell you what it was about because I literally don’t know but I can tell you it was a rejection of life as we know it, a warning that we need to change, and if we don’t we might just go around in circles.
The writer, Andy Smith, had written a poetic script in three different languages, including sign language, which was stunning. Watching the performers tell us that we live in a society that is broken, and to watch them going round in circles was painful, but it had poignancy to its nail-biting frustration.
The lighting was used to give us hope that something would change, but after the lights came up nothing had changed, and the performers kept us in this loop of words, of expectation and frustration.
Summit could have been about everything or it could have been about nothing, but it questioned what we each individually think about the world. I’m not actually sure whether I enjoyed it or not, but it was thought-provoking, which made it excellent.

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