Chocolatey Progress Update

Hello Folks. Grow Up and Just Love Chocolate is going ridiculously amazing and I am actually not lying, not that I would ever lie. Well maybe I would, but not about that. The set is being made as we speak. The designers have been doing an amazing job. And we will have a pinata full of chocolate. #Yay.

On a boring admin note the schedule is done, and I love it that I can say that. All I need to do now with our amazing team is direct the show, which will be extraordinary and chocolatey. I will probably have to eat about 3 tons of chocolate on Friday, which will be delicious, and it’s always interesting to send my PA out to buy weird stuff like £130 of chocolate. I know that my maths doesn’t add up there, but I’m not a mathematician. I’m saying that I’m buying and eating a lot of chocolate. Which will be gorgeous.

Rehearsing for Grow Up

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