February was nuts

Hello there. February was a month of glorious mayhem. We launched into an intense week of rehearsals at Lighthouse Poole, with visits from some great creative consultants like Jonny Fluffypunk, Daryl Beeton, Claire Hodgson from Diverse City, and a guest audience for an open sharing which included my good friend Hugo Lucas-Rowe, and Rosie Russell from The Arts Development Company. By Friday we were ready and my debut showing of ‘Grow Up and Just Love Chocolate’ at Salisbury Playhouse Theatre was received like live fire in heaven with chocolate. I would like to thank everyone that was involved for their hard work and excellence through the week. The show was spot on. It was like magic. There will be a film of the creative process, and the show, online very soon. I particularly enjoyed the chocolate orgy ending with lap dancing puppets made from chocolate bars and mini rolls. I was a mess.

There was no time to relax after the show, because we dashed straight off to London for a National Youth Theatre Masterclass in play writing and directing. It was literally life changing and I have decided to move to London again to hopefully rock the world with my immoral mind. The course leader Benjamin Salmon was my play writing guru for the week, and he taught me a lot. I wrote a scene about death and alcoholism, which are both lovely subjects, and tested my director and professional actors when it came to bringing my script to life. It was strange to realise that I was the only one there that has been to a lot of funerals but I think I should use that. Death is the most powerful thing on earth. So, sorry but I will always write about death.

Last week I performed Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ with Extraordinary Bodies at the Birmingham Town Hall. The British Para Orchestra played the piece, and we improvised poetic movements and aerial displays in front of an audience who were free to move around the space. It was an incredible experience, for all of us, and I will admit that I forgot how much I enjoyed performing. I felt very privileged to perform with Extraordinary Bodies again, and it was definitely worth the travel to Birmingham even after everything we have been doing elsewhere. It was magical.

We are starting to figure out a schedule in London, booking courses and exploring new opportunities. I’m open to any suggestions of projects and courses to get involved in, so let me know if you have any ideas…


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