Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Edinburgh Fringe was stunning. Show after show. Day after day. Night after night. Funny side stories too.

My powerchair broke and I had to go into my manual. Top tip, always ask for your P.A. to push because your friend will always be the worst choice. To be fair we were late for a show and rushing around but that’s no excuse. They pushed me into every pot hole going.

I saw a show called Lobster, an insight into modern dating, excellent entertainment and hilarious. It needed a message though. There were some stunning moments to the performance but it lacked substance to the story. Where the performance could have said so much more about modern dating, and whether it’s good or bad. She didn’t comment enough on life and what it means to date today, but Gemma had a very smart marketing tool for the show – to go on a date every day of the Fringe. I went on a date with Gemma and it was fun. She is a clever person and we went for a drink, then to dance at the Scottish Ceilidh. She was great fun and it was a great date.

Here are some shows I recommend you look out for, if they go out and about on tour –

Who Cares was a fascinating show about young carers. It was quite hard-hitting but an absolutely beautiful play. It pulled on our heart strings and made us aware of what young carers go through, and the issues around being a kid with responsibilities. The piece followed three characters going through their individual journeys of  life as a young carer. It brought up some serious issues around caring when you’re young, and told us that there needs to more awareness of young people looking after someone at home.

Rosie Jones: Backward. Rosie is a disabled comedian, who we also saw as part of a live recording of The Guilty Feminist Podcast. Her stand-up show was amazing and very funny.

Fishbowl is a theatre clowning show, and an incredible must-see. It was absolutely ridiculous entertainment, very funny. You will wet yourself laughing. This is theatre at its most entertaining. The set was three very different flats on a street, with three performers living in them doing ridiculous things. The highlight for me was when a performer was trying to catch their bag blowing in the wind, and we could see it was attached to a moving pole, but you have to see it to get how hilarious that is.
Louder is Not Always Clearer, a show about being deaf, was a very good insight into communication and deafness. It was relatable but also educational into the life of a deaf person. It raised so many questions around being deaf and disability, which could be considered controversial. My only criticism would be that it felt like a creative theatrical talk and not a theatre performance, but saying that it was very enjoyable and interesting to watch. I would be keen to see how it develops in the future.
Electrolyte was a stunning musical play about mental health. It was so well-written and beautifully performed. This intense watch will make you cry.
All in all Edinburgh was fantastic, we had a dream time, and I’m looking forward to next year, but my advice would be to have everything planned to a cup of hot chocolate, like we did. Shows, times, and locations all need to be lined up so you see everything you want to see.


Fishbowl – slapstick comedy with no dialogue, internationally accessible!

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