How to blog in a blog about blogging with a blog inside it

Step one: think of something that you want to chat about. It can be anything. Box-sets, politics, eating pizza, absolutely anything that you’re passionate about.
Step two: answer these questions –
What is the subject? What is the problem?
How does this problem relate to the wider world, to life?
Why are you emotionally connected to the issue?
What would you like to see happen?
How could life be easier, better, more interesting, or fix the problem?
Step three: add your opinions on the subject.
Another thing that you could do is think about your day and relate it to your day. So let’s take the crisis at the moment as an example. Some disabled people can’t self isolate. We need 24/7 care, crisis or no crisis. How can we solve that problem or adapt the way we live within these circumstances?
Wash your hands staff, and get me up as normal. I still have to cough, sneeze, pee and poo. We still have to deal with all that. Wash your hands again. It’s feeding and drinking time. I know it’s messy but no more than normal. Body contact. Well you still have to help me transfer and if you don’t you’re sacked, because I don’t want to die here smelling of pigs and not the good kind as in bacon and sausages. I would prefer those for breakfast along with champagne. Shower time. I’m sorry but you’re going to have to touch me for this to properly wash me, but use a flannel. It’s much less weird. Now unfortunately I need my teeth brushed. Sorry you have to look in my mouth and clean it. Sorry about the germs. Wash your hands. Now you can finally go away, but I will need you for lunch, dinner and any other food and drink time. I need a wee, sorry but I do. More touching involved, and not just foot shaking.
Blogging is usually talking about a subject and how it should change. That’s my approach to blogging, and these have been my top tips to get you started. Remember, blogging is a form of journalism but it falls on the side of opinion rather than fact. So give the world a voice it’s never heard before – yours.
Blogging Concept. Multicolor on White Brickwall.

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