Mini Workshop: Writing Funny as well as being an Activist

Welcome back to writing tips with the Shouting Mute. Today I’m going to talk about events to propel your plot along, so we can develop the story. It’s very similar to action and activism. If you’re just writing fantasy your story will have action and activism in, but sometimes we don’t want to be so serious, talking about politics all the time because, to be frank, you and your audience will get bored of being the disabled writers, or the writer who writes the same play seven different times (who’s probably much more successful than me and you) but I think that’s wrong and boring.

There are times to be political and be proud of who we are, we need to own ourselves, but it’s also good to get away and have fun, most importantly with our work and our audience. We need diversity because people have seen history but they can’t see the future. Plus you’re naturally being an activist just by writing and championing disabled people, but you don’t always have to talk about disability or diversity, or whatever. You can talk about chocolate instead, or something else. See, you’re getting bored now because I’m ranting. But do you see my point?

For this task, list some events like I showed you before but less political –
a date
a car crash
a family meal
a fire
an office meeting
going to buy snacks
a dragon coming
going to space
etc etc etc.
I’m going to use Charlie and the meeting with their crush, who I’ve decided to call Sam. I’ve picked a date and there’s a dragon coming. Here’s my example –

Sam: thank you for taking me out tonight. it was wonderful.
Charlie: Sam.
Sam: Charlie. why don’t you kiss me under the 2 stars. we are stars together Sam.
Charlie: that would be nice. I want to kiss but
Sam: tell me you have another partner. you look so beautiful. Am I beautiful Charlie? do you want to kiss me?
Charlie: we would but there is a dragon behind you. I think we should quickly run instead.
Hot dog seller: do you want a hot dog?
Charles : no thanks. but I would advise you to run and not sell hot dogs. goodnight.

The story can just go on from there. My tip today is to write funny, as well as political. I say variety is the ice cream in life. You can have lots of flavours. Don’t choose just one. choose at least two or even five. You can have as many as you like. The point is to challenge yourself. You can write funny and ridiculous as well as political or trying to be an activist, because just being creative is activism in itself.



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