2020 Update from The Shouting Mute (Part 2)

I’ll still be blogging, and sharing writing tips, but I’m also thinking about the logistics of adapting some of my creative writing workshops so I can host them online, and possibly a spoken word event / open mic video call to bring poets, writers and creatives together. I would love to hear from anyone who would be keen to attend / get involved.

I really really want to hear from other AAC and communication aid users too, because I would love to host a specific online event to support other creatives like me. So if you’re keen on that idea, give me a shout!!

And I want to promote the creativity of other AAC users. I would love to see what you’re all up to, and if you have any poems, stories, or even films, I would love to share your stuff and shout about it online. So if you’re an AAC user, or you support one, use the contact page on my website to send me a message and a piece of writing, a poem, a story, or if you want to send a picture or video just say that in the message, and my team will make it happen.

I might not be making or doing physical work for a while but I will be doing more digitally, and I want to get the AAC community involved as much as possible. So give me a shout so we can talk about your writing and start sharing it.

Get writing. Get creative. Get shouting.

Leading creative writing workshops at 1Voice

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