Mini Workshop: Writing with Artistic Taste

Hello. Here are some more writing tips from The Shouting Mute. Today I’m going to tell you about taste and finding your taste when it comes to good poetry, films, music and art. If you know what’s good, you can write great.
You need to find out who your inspirations are. You need to know which artists make you think wow, artists who make you want to know more about them, artists who make you think that was amazing.
To do this go to Youtube, Spotify, Google, and other places where artists’ work can be found, including social media platforms. Look up your favourite poet, music artists, theatre maker, whatever and whoever. Is there a theme that links the artists you love? Is there a theme that might tell you why you like them? What is it about what they do that you like? Are there methods in their art that you could use as well? Is every sentence beginning with ‘I am’ or ‘you’? What are their rules that you can adopt and create with? What tools do they use that you can put in your tool bag? What from your analysis of their work can you apply to your work? As an example, I’m going to list some of my favourite artists and what I like about them –
Jonny Fluffypunk – He takes the normality of loving things and talks about them in a loving dreamy and funny way. His work has a punchy rhythm to it.
Joelle Taylor – The imagery and potency makes punches to your soul. Rhythmic sounding hurts you hard.
Luke Wright – He has an energetic beat and rhythmic sound that makes you listen to his words.
Review as many artists as you can, and in my case they’re poets but, it could be playwrights or authors, or any one. List the things that you like about their work, to work out your tastes. Your taste will help you turn a meal for one into running a restaurant and knowing what to cook for your audiences.

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