My Thoughts on Adapting Theatre

Hello. Things are coming to an end. Lockdown is almost over for a lot of people. Except for the fact there will be hundreds of thousands of disabled people not able to physically work just yet. The virus is still around and a big problem for the most vulnerable in society to get out and about. What are we doing for them?

The theatres are on the brink, but do theatres need to be both physical and virtual? Are we blocking off thousands of potential audience members that could see the work using social media? Especially when it’s a free non-ticketed event? Even with ticket paying shows, why can’t they be streamed on Zoom, or have a limited number of people on the portal? Is it time to write off the night out and make it a night in like everything else?

The reshaping of theatre could allow performances to be online. There are already online streaming theatre sites up and running, should this be a bigger part of the live experience than we think?


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