Social Distancing

Recently I’ve been venturing out and about around my local area.
First I went spent some time in my local park. Well personally I call it a green field with some football and cricket pitches, but it’s by the harbour so it looks pretty. I’m sure some richer than rich plonker wants it to build flats but they won’t get it. It’s a public space protected by the Queen so they can get lost.
It was the first time in 15 weeks that I’ve been out. I thought it would be like entering a strange new world where people would run away and stay in their cars, but the opposite happened. People were social distancing but not obviously. I actually like it now that people don’t get in my way or ask to pray for me. It’s okay to pray but there are better things to pray for than a white man in a wheelchair.
Here’s a suggestion – no more pandemics ever again. Pray for that more than just for me. So I guess I like social distancing because I don’t waste so many prayers.
My second trip out was to the barbers. I did have my carer cut my hair during lockdown, but I don’t think it’s a long term solution. They did a pretty good job but I prefer to actually look groomed. I was expecting an experience of full PPE and crazy new banter about it but, again, it was quite the opposite.
It was just a guy in a mask chopping my hair. He actually talked to me like a barber usually does, only this time we had masks on. How boring. Watching paint dry in lockdown was more fun.
I was disappointed I must say. I thought Corona virus was going to make people look ridiculous but it doesn’t. We just can’t see people’s mouths. It’s not such a big deal. Please wear a mask if you can. It’s to protect vulnerable people like me.

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