Breaking News…

Breaking news… thankfully not about the Corona Virus, Trump or Brexit. Is that rubbish still really going on?

I have some good news for you – I’m offering a new online writing workshop and this one is on writing about food. Who doesn’t love food?

These workshops have been so popular that the time has come to ask for a little contribution towards it – for £7 you will get to come together with other likeminded people on a zoom video call with me, hear me read aloud one of my poems, write your own poem about your favourite or most hated food on earth, get feedback from me and my PA who is a published writer herself, chat with the group, and you can ask any questions that you would like to ask at the end.

We’re going to hold this workshop in the evening this time to open it up to people who couldn’t make it during the day so it will be at 6pm on Wednesday 30th September and there are 5 spots available – disabled and non-disabled people, writers and non-writers, are all welcome.

These workshops usually end up being a fun conversation around writing, creativity, and how to express yourself through poetry.

To book your spot or if you have any questions, email

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