Christmas Pudding Planning

Hey there! No swimming pool yet for me to try my walker on custard. I agree custard is for eating as well, but walking in a walker on custard sounds very fun. 

I’ve just been picking out my Christmas dessert menu. Yes I have a Christmas dessert menu. I don’t really care about the dinner. Turkey is a dry bit of rubbish anyway. So the Christmas dessert menu is what I really care about.

This year we’ve ordered a chocolate and salted caramel roulade for the 23rd December, for Christmas Eve we have a lemon cheesecake (well we have to have some fruit in there somewhere, but it will be with lots of cream so it looks as unhealthy as it is), later on that evening we’ll have a chocolate and ginger moose with chocolate liqueur, and on Christmas Day we’ll have a Christmas Pudding just to set it on fire.

I’ve never got why you would burn your pudding on purpose. The only thing crazier than that is buying an x box cardboard box for £900 on eBay. I wouldn’t even buy a new X Box for that let alone just the cardboard box. The actual X box is £450 from all known respectable retail establishments and organisations so it makes no sense. Rant over. Back to puddings.

The other choices are chocolate and orange bread and butter pudding. Fantastic chocolate orange flavours. You can put anything with it – custard, ice cream, anything saucy and sweet.

For boxing day you can just have the leftovers from the last two days while watching or playing whatever you like on TV.

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