What’s going on?!

Hello. What’s going on? Well, it’s what was going to be this year but now it’s going to be next year!

I’ve been writing shows for next year. I’ve been writing Planted Symphony with Drake Music. It’s fantastic and will be fantastic for you to go and see next summer time. It will be fantastic to get out and experience some art. It’s going to be lovely. I’ll post more about Planted Symphony next year so you’ll able to find out what it is and where you can see it.

I’m also making a show about climate change for Inside Out Dorset festival, interviewing people and answering the question ‘people and the climate emergency: what happens?’ to find out what we need to do to really tackle climate emergency and adapt our culture around it.

You might recognise me in a film on Youtube soon, you’ll have to see if you can spot me. In January, I’ll be posting 5 films that theatre companies have made this year and one will have me in. I’m going to challenge you to see if you can guess which one I worked on and made a cameo appearance in.

I’ll also be bringing out a poetry book for you to listen to or read. So you can look forward to that too. I’m looking forward to seeing theatre again, reviewing it for you, and making my own performances that you can come and see. What are you looking forward to in 2021?

Performing at Inside Out Dorset Festival 2018

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