My Valentine This Year…

The debut performance of ‘Grow Up and Just Love Chocolate’ is almost upon us, and we are very excited to go into rehearsals with a fantastic script. Well I am saying it is a fantastic script because I wrote it, but to tell you truth I don’t have a clue. Other people have been telling me it is in a good place but they might be lying to my face, so who knows? Come and see it for yourself and tell me what you think.

I’m looking forward to performing at The Salisbury Playhouse and seeing what the other two plays are like in the triple bill. It’s going to be a Valentine’s treat on the 15th February, perhaps the perfect setting for a date, especially if you are single like me and believe that chocolate is basically a god. Which it is. You can look it up. Chocolate is the food of the gods. Plus I read somewhere that it is better than a snog so win-win, but come to the show, and we’ll explain it better.



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