Your second chance to Grow Up!

Lighthouse, Poole is giving you another chance to ‘Grow Up and Just Love Chocolate’ tomorrow, Wednesday 10th April. Yes you really can eat free chocolate while enjoying a show of highs and lows, featuring a broken-hearted drip talking about how overwhelming his life is.

Grow up and just love chocolate shows the main character growing up and working out that he has to accept his life the way it is. We debuted the show at Salisbury Playhouse in February as part of Fest West 2019, and we are bringing it back for one night only in a special double bill with EBYA who will be debuting their new show, ‘Til We Win’. It will be a lot of fun. Come along and support us.

Tickets are £9 for both shows, the double bill starts at 7pm, and you can book tickets through the Lighthouse website or by calling the box office on 01202 280000

I will be doing a Q and A following the show so send me any questions you want answered and I will do my best to answer them all. It’s going to be an excellent night of theatre at the Lighthouse Poole tomorrow night, Wednesday 10th April.


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