Dear performing arts community…

Dear performing arts community,
We have a crisis in the world and it will affect the performing arts and theatre sector. A lot of vulnerable people are self isolating. Public events are banned for the foreseeable future. The theatre sector is at great risk.
Does it have to be? The answer is no. The questions are these.
How can we produce a strong online presence and bring people together whilst being isolated?
How can we develop our workshops to be online to people who are in isolation?
Do we need to throw away years of work this year or can we keep the ideas and transfer them into online content?
We should use this time to create as much as we can.
Bring people together over the internet, and use the technology that we have to bring the performance arts sector into the 2020’s.
Develop more training programmes to be online.
Bring the chat rooms into our core and keep collaboration up.
People will need art and culture more than ever so don’t stop the creation.
Change the creation to another kind of creation.
Performing for Extraordinary Bodies

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