Mini Workshop: Creative Questions

Hello and welcome back to writing tips with The Shouting Mute.
Is creativity really just a call and response process, or is it much more than that? Creativity is how culture develops. Creativity comes from questions. How many of us wonder what it would be like if Aliens came to Earth? Or if Charles was a fish and Ellen was a perfect dog? Those are some of the big questions of the world.
You can get creative by using a question you want an answer to and trying to answer it. It doesn’t have to be anything scientific or meaningful. It could be ‘Can I love chocolate or chips as much as I love a person? Then once you have a question, you can research it or let your imagination just go for it. Creative artists are more curious and questioning than the rest of society, but we mustn’t get confused. We aren’t policy creators but the arts is a great way to effect policy and start a conversation about something that interests you. Come up with some questions of your own and try to answer them in your creative writing.
Here’s an example –
My question is ‘What would you say to an alien?’  I will use Charlie and his friend Jordan.
Charlie: Hey Jordan. what would you say to an alien?
Jordan: do you have chocolate on Mars?
Charlie: it is from the celebration box. the round red box.
Jordan: I know . maybe the aliens psychologically sent messages from brain waves to humans to name chocolate after them.
Charlie :  I doubt that but Yoda could control me. I have no problem with that.
Jordan: a crush on a green alien from Star Wars. a bit weird mate.
Charlie: no. he would be cool to control me.
Jordan: Again a bit weird mate.
Charlie: you just taking it the wrong way.
Jordan: can aliens play football?
Charlie: it could be like wheelchair footy.
Jordan: good point.
Give it a go, come up with your own questions and explore the answers in your creative writing. You could even ask someone else to ask you a question to write about, or do this exercise with a friend and see what each of you come out with. I would love to know how you get on, so give me a shout, and I’ll be back with another blog on Friday.

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